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Kick-off Launching of Your Dreams For Free

It was a great night being an emcee together with my best friend Val Austria at the Kick-off Launching of Your Dreams For Free last Friday, September 30 at the Roof Deck of One San Miguel. Thanks to our classmate Harry and to our officemates who came with us.

After using the elevator up to the 49th floor, Val and I reminded each other of a quote we've just read recently: "The elevator of success is out of service. Please use the stairs, one step at a time."

Thanks to Ms Cookey Broñoso for rendering a very inspiring song during our opening prayer.

So many wonderful people attended the event, and they were really fun to be with that special night.

We were so honored to witness the singing and dancing talents of the Seeds for Life Kids, led by Seeds for Life Founder Clayton Phillips.

Jocel and internet marketing expert Edison Victorino, both delivered a splendid presentation on how to understand the concept of Funded Proposals, Your Dreams For Free, and Social Media.

That evening became more interesting because Your Dreams For Free and Brady Advertising, led by Ms Cookey Broñoso and Joanna Brady, made the contract signing that same night.

With the new Website Design Services of Your Dreams For Free, you can now have your own affordable yet very professional website, with free domain name, logo design, email account, hosting, and hundreds of templates to choose from.

Nice to meet my friends Rover Magdale again, Gi, Norman, Kareen, and a new tall friend (taller than me) Bryan.

Thank you to our friends, Nonie Pedralvez, Gevaert Jones Quilala, Gari Gabrinao, and Kareen Blancaflor D Veyra, who shared their success stories and testimonials for Your Dreams For Free.

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle draws for their new YDFF Landing Page.

This special event became so successful, with credits and recognition also going to the great ideas of my buddy Jerson Frange, as well as with the leadership of Sir Ronald Clemente.

To learn more about Your Dreams For Free, click here.

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