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Maligayang Pasko!

Merry Christmas to everybody!

We wish you and your families complete love, happiness, abundance and prosperity in life.

God loves you so much.


Are you at PEACE with Yourself?


Dear Friend,

Are you experiencing any of these right now?

• Traumatic experiences from the past

• Limiting thoughts and beliefs

• Day-to-day anxieties

• Your innermost fears

• Sadness from a lost love

• Deep-rooted anger

• Financial woes

• Frustration with your career

• Struggles with addiction

and you just don't have any clear idea on how to solve them?

Then you just have to easily Experience the Reality of Inner Peace When You Let Go of them.

Discover "Letting Go" for f.ree (on.line) until 3pm (Pilipinas Time) only, November 15, Monday.

For the whole month of December!

Experience the Film Online:

Or else, you may have to buy the DVD online for $19.97 + Shipping and Handling.

Go to

... and you'll discover how to:

• Experience the exquisite beauty that is always within and around you

• Discover that unshakable inner peace is possible even when challenged

• Live your life to the fullest with great enjoyment during every moment

• Discover what it’s like to be free of everything that once held you back

• Awaken to the truth of who you truly are – in this very moment

• Unlock your unlimited potential and all the hidden treasures within you

Watch the Movie Trailer at

Watch "Letting Go" for f.ree (on.line) until 3pm (Pilipinas Time) only, November 15, Monday.

For the whole month of December!

Peace Be With You my friend.

To your Inner Peace and Amazing Abundance in Life,


P.S. Now is the time to live it, feel it, and embrace it – every day of your life.

Now is the time to go to

P.P.S. Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Marci Schimoff, John Gray and many more talk about the Letting Go movie!
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