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Mayroon ka na bang Dream Board?

What is a Dream Board?

A dream board is a dream-list or collection of pictures of your dreams, aspirations, wants, or goals in life that you may have cut from magazines (or downloaded from the internet and printed them) and pasted them on an illustration board, or card board, or on a wall beside your bed, or some place where you see it most of the time (like in your office)...

Some make their dream board as a slideshow in their computers...some use clearbooks instead like what my internet marketing mentor Jomar Hilario used. Jomar, who is Bo Sanchez's Internet Marketing Expert, recently moved to Rosewood Pointe in Taguig, owing it to the clearbook that he filled up with his goals and dreams, to include a condominium brochure, way back March 22, 2004.

(cutting the pictures and putting them on your dream board are already energies that help you create the right feelings and imagination needed in the manifestation of your dreams)

A dream board, also called a vision board, helps you visualize your dreams and capture the positive feelings of already having what you want.

Besides just looking at your dream board, day in and day out, in the morning as you wake up and in the evening before you sleep, you really have to feel it as you already have it in the present.

Pwede na ang limang minuto mong titingnan ang iyong mga pangarap, dalawang beses sa isang loob ng isang araw. Mabuti na ito kaysa hindi mo man lamang naiisip ang mga pangarap mo sa buong maghapon.

Maximize your visualization by using all of your senses:

  • see your dreams
  • feel them and even touch them
  • hear them
  • smell them
  • or even taste them

Illogical? That's just okay, your subconscious mind won't reason out, but instead, create the right energies to attract what you want by resonating them to the universe like a tuning fork. Our subconscious mind focuses on the present/now.

My classmate Val Austria won the major prize: a brand new netbook last August 27, 2010 , Core 8 Anniversary, Valle Verde Country Club. "Nasa dream board ko to bok!" - said Val, just a few seconds before his winning raffle ticket was announced. Congrats Val!

So instead of saying "I'm going to have ____" (the going to is in the future, it may never happen),
Say "I enjoy the feeling of having ____", or "I am grateful and happy I have my _____" which both focus on the present.

So work on your dreamboard and apply the visualization techniques  mentioned above.

Have fun!

And for the real secret to manifest your dreams... this is very I M P O R T A N T: always Pray for your dreams everyday (tama ang iyong nabasa, as in araw-araw talaga... mas maganda kung pagkagising mo tuwing umaga ay ipinagdarasal mo na agad ang mga pangarap mo para sa buhay mo, sa pamilya mo, at sa iba pa.)

Ikaw lang ang dapat makakita sa dream board mo para makaiwas ka sa mga dream stealers - mga taong hihila sayo pababa at tatawanan ka lamang, kasi iyon ang kaya na lang nilang magawa kaysa itulak ka pataas, palakasin ang loob mo at sabihin sa iyo na "KAYA MO YAN!".

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